Recovery, Resilience, and Environmental Action

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The Minneapolis College Sustainability Committee sponsored “Recovery, Resilience and Environmental Action,” a panel discussion and fourth in the Community Pollinators Speaker Series, on Oct. 1, 2021.

The panel was moderated by Ranae Hanson, former Minneapolis College faculty member and author of “Watershed: Attending to Body and Earth in Distress.” The four featured panelists included:

  • Cathy Geist, a retired professor of Environmental Science and Biology at Minneapolis College
  • Marie Harris, a certified peer recovery specialist and Minneapolis College graduate
  • Dr. Christie Manning, the director of sustainability and an Environmental Studies professor at Macalester College
  • Jeramie Hildenbrand, co-founder of Pathfinder Solutions, a company building a digital platform to help people navigate throughout the life-long journey of recovery.

Guest speakers were asked: “How might advocating for environmental and social justice spring naturally from the practice of taking good care of ourselves?” Throughout the conversation, speakers made many connections between the wellspring of love and care one discovers in recovery from addiction and the inclination to extend that same love and care to the earth. 


The Community Pollinator Speaker Series focuses on the intersection of racial and environmental justice and seeks to amplify the voices of leaders who “pollinate” our communities through education and application of sustainable practices. If you know a community pollinator or have topic suggestions, contact Sustainability.Committee@minneapolis.edu.

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