RaiseMe and Minneapolis College Break Barriers

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with First-of-its-Kind Partnership

High school students will earn college scholarships for community engagement and interpersonal development.

RaiseMe, a college-readiness platform focused on expanding access to higher education, particularly among first-generation and low-income students, announces a pilot partnership with Minneapolis College. This new venture provides affordable pathways to higher education and propels students to discover and achieve their college ambitions.

This collaboration with Minneapolis College marks RaiseMe’s first community college partner. Minneapolis College will have access to RaiseMe’s robust first-time freshman program, which provides high school students with opportunities to earn merit-based aid for completing specific academic and behavioral milestones.

"Partnering with RaiseMe to pilot this micro-scholarship program for community college students means we can serve even more students and continue supporting our community,” said Sharon Pierce, President at Minneapolis College.  “This endeavor is also a great way to engage with students in our feeder schools,” said Pierce. “Rewarding students for college-readiness activities and serving their communities helps advance our mission to provide transformational and affordable educational opportunities.”

Through RaiseMe, more than two million students have earned merit-based scholarships from colleges and universities across the country.

Minneapolis College serves around 10,000 students every year. An open-enrollment community college and technical college hybrid, the institution strengthens the cultural, economic and social vitality of the Twin Cities.

Widely considered the cornerstone of American higher education, community colleges enroll nearly 50 percent of all college students and provide educational pathways to students, many of whom would otherwise be unable to gain access to higher ed. This program comes at a critical time for both students and colleges: Nationwide enrollment at community colleges has declined more than 11 percent over the past year. These institutions support and bolster local economic and workforce development.

“Minneapolis College advocates for their freshman creatively and thoughtfully by encouraging students to think of pathways outside of four-year colleges,” said Amanda Schwab, Director of Business Development at RaiseMe. “The careful development of this program highlights their commitment to Student Financial Success and offers students an affordable start their college journey.”

About RaiseMe

RaiseMe (a part of the CampusLogic platform) empowers every student to build their path to and through college by delivering a student-centric platform for college discovery and scholarship attainment. Students receive the motivation and guidance to be successful in their pursuit of a college degree, and colleges have an opportunity to engage students years before they set foot on campus. Students can join RaiseMe for free as early as the 9th grade, and earn incremental, achievement-based financial aid from colleges for their achievements.

More than two million high school and community college students have earned micro-scholarships on RaiseMe from nearly 300 institutions, including Arizona State University, Florida International University, University of Chicago, University of Rochester, Northeastern, Tulane, and Georgia Tech. For more information and to sign up for free, visit the RaiseMe website.


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