Portfolio Shows Go Online

photographer taking a picture in a studio

Student Intern Facilitates Success

Minneapolis College School of Design and the Arts is promoting the artistic excellence of recent graduates who are poised to be the next industry professionals in the fields of graphic and web design, fine arts, photography and digital imaging, apparel design and cinema.

The online portfolio shows introduce you to the critical and creative exploration of newly minted artists on a professional and inspired platform.  Working alongside apparel and fine arts students, intern Kiann Nguyen, is an example of student success and dedication and she was instrumental in bringing some of the work to life online.

“Students are meeting the demands of the industry even before they graduate,” said Samantha Sather, faculty member in the Graphic Design and Web Design department, who knows the high level of talent within each of her students. “Students balance their work in the classroom with busy outside lives in ways that ensure they are on a path to success in whatever field they choose.”

Connect to Student Portfolio Shows

Graphic and Web Design

The portfolio shows provide graduating students a chance to prepare and showcase their work.  “Students collaborate across majors, working in creative teams, to support their final portfolio,” said Kjrsten Holt, faculty member in Graphic Design, Web Design and Front-end Development.

“Half-way through the semester, we transitioned to completely online, and students, faculty and staff rose to the occasion, staying connected with one another across online platforms, ultimately producing industry-ready work.”

Students enrolled in the graphic and web design programs receive hands-on experience from seasoned instructors in a program that will open the world of graphic and web design.

Associate of Fine Arts

The School of Design and the Arts provides opportunities for students to apply artistic concepts in a broad spectrum of the arts including ceramics, painting and drawing.

Photography and Digital Imaging

The Photography and Digital Imaging program integrates the latest digital photo technologies while encouraging students’ creativity and individual expression. 

“The final work of this year’s Cinema graduates was interrupted when the College closed due to COVID-19,” said Mary Ahmann, Cinema faculty. “Students will complete their projects when it is safe to be in production again and the College will hold a film screening later this year.”

“Several of the graduating students also took a documentary production class and their final projects related to their experiences living in COVID-19 quarantine,” said Mary. “Students used whatever equipment they had available and incorporated found footage and virtual interviews. We are proud to share this work.” 

Apparel Technologies

In the Apparel Technologies program, students receive extensive hands-on training in design, manufacturing, alteration and fitting teaching students to produce finished, professional garments from pattern to final product.