Oanh Vo - At home in Minnesota

student on sidewalk smiling

When Oanh Vo moved to the United States from Vietnam in 2012 she already held a bachelor’s degree in English from the College of Foreign Languages at the University of Danang. Her intent was to enhance her language skills while pursuing an associate of science degree in business management at Minneapolis College, then return home to provide translation services. She did exactly that, however, once back in Vietnam, home didn’t feel like home any more.

After careful thought, Oanh, the youngest of 4 children and first of her siblings to pursue a higher education, returned to Minnesota and to Minneapolis College.  This time she had her sights set on a degree in nursing.

“Studying human health is fascinating,” said Oanh, who graduated Phi Theta Kappa this spring from the nursing program at Minneapolis College and is heading to Augsburg to complete her BSN. “There’s so much more to learn and I’m excited about the possibilities. I am also appreciative that Minneapolis College is affordable and I paid the same rate as students from the U.S.”

Anni Bowers, international student advisor noted when Oanh started the nursing program at Minneapolis College, she was provisionally dually admitted to Augsburg University’s bachelors in nursing program. “Oanh will transition easily to Augsburg this fall,” said Anni, who is grateful for the diverse and inclusive community of students and faculty that serve to reflect and transform healthcare in our community. “I am proud of Oanh’s dedication to her studies and to our campus community.”

In addition to studying at Minneapolis College, Oanh was an instrumental member of the Public Safety Team, taking advantage of the work-study program on campus. “Working in Public Safety was a highlight of my time at Minneapolis College,” said Oanh, who commented how much she enjoyed spending time supporting students, faculty, staff and guests as they arrived on campus. “It can be difficult for international students to find employment in the community, but the College makes it easy and rewarding to work on campus.”

Oanh shared how rewarding being part of the diverse campus community at Minneapolis College has been for her. “Vietnam is very homogeneous,” said Oanh. “My experience at Minneapolis College has given me a better understanding of human behavior and a greater appreciation for the unique differences and similarities in people and cultures. I look forward to continuing my education at Augsburg and feel well prepared as I take the next step toward my goals.”