MLK Oratorical Contest Winner Jesse Escobar

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What are you studying?
Dental Office Personnel at Minneapolis College.

Why are you interested in studying that?
I want to give an office setting a try and see if it is for me and if I want to further pursue a dental career.

Why did you decide to enter the Martin Luther King, Jr. oratorical contest? 
I had extra time during homework, and I thought it was a great way to express my feelings about what had been going on now since the George Floyd situation happened right at home. It made it hurt even more knowing that it happened minutes away from where I was living now. As a Latino, I am no stranger to racial injustice, and I know that all people of color have had to face such things in their life. I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions a voice, a voice that could be heard given the fact that a lot of times people don't have a crowd to be able to share their opinions and feelings with.

What was your speech about? 
It was more about giving my own input on the situation and trying to explain a concept that is hard to explain. A lot of it was just speculation and picking pieces of what others thought the concept (committed altruism) was and adding in my own ideas on top.

What are your plans after Minneapolis College? 
I really want to get into the technical field. I have a love for technology and love finding how to understand it further. I will be transitioning into studying cyber security and IT. I am also teaching myself to code, but It is difficult.

Anything else you would like the readers to know? 
I would love to hear the same questions being asked in a year’s time and see if there is anything else to add. I would love to hear other people's inputs from all the winning speeches.

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