A Magic Carpet View of Campus

view of the Minneapolis College Plaza

Minneapolis College has launched a captivating virtual campus tour that introduces a unique magic carpet-like experience of strolling through campus hallways, common areas and classrooms.

“With so many amazing spaces on campus, we had a lot of wonderful things to showcase,” Director of Admissions Genna Anderson said. “This immersive experience gives future students the feeling of being on campus from the comfort of home. It provides a snapshot of campus without being here and a way for people to get their sense of place and space.

“The tour brings students and their families downtown virtually to learn more about Minneapolis College and the diverse and inclusive environment it provides for learning and earning academic credentials.”
Developing the tour became a priority with the pandemic. From a smartphone, tablet, or any online device, the tour utilizes still photos, 360-degree images and videos to highlight items that would typically be shown on a campus tour.

“This magical experience allows a viewer to stop in a specific area of campus that peaks their interest and delve into the space and all it offers,” Kathy Rumpza, Director of Marketing and Communication said. “And, we can update and modify it over time to reflect our students’ interests.”

The tour experience is intended to motivate more community members to meet with the admissions staff to find out about any of the hundreds of programs, online courses, continuing education and workforce development options offered. Anderson added, “We hope it creates excitement about Minneapolis College and inspires viewers to explore all that the College has to offer, safely and conveniently.”

The magic carpet journey stands ready to guide you through Minneapolis College!

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