Leading with Ambition, Drive and Determination

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Lebanon, Libya, Canada and Egypt were all places Youssef Ibrahim and his family called home before he stepped out on his own and moved to the United States to begin his academic career at Minneapolis College. Since making this bold move, Youssef has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn, grow and lead.

Drawn to Minneapolis College for its convenient downtown location and affordability, Youssef will graduate this fall with an associate of arts degree in software development. “The teachers and staff at the College are knowledgeable and understanding of each of their students unique situations and needs,” said Youssef who touts his positive experience as an international student studying IT at the College.

“Career Services has also been instrumental to my success helping me secure a summer internship within a major healthcare organization to support my studies and long-term goals.”  

“Youssef is a ball of ambition, drive and determination,” said Anni Bowers, international student advisor who notes International Student Services supports and enhances the academic, social and personal experience of all international students at the College. “Youssef is always on the lookout for the next opportunity and I trust he will go far in his academic journey and future career.”  

One of the on-campus opportunities Youssef has taken advantage of is providing leadership to the Computer Software Support Club, first as a member, then secretary and now president. “The club provides walk-in computer software support to students throughout the college,” said Youssef. “It’s a great resource for students who need access to free tech support and one we hope to offer virtually soon. We want to continue meeting the needs of students throughout the COVID-19 crisis.”

Youssef expects to be well prepared for a career in IT after graduation and anticipates relying on Career Services to assist him in his job search this fall. It’s likely you will find him somewhere around Minneapolis for at least a year. “I love the people here,” said Youssef. “And after living in Cairo for 18 years I love the cold weather, too!”