Key Rose: Minneapolis Made


In the 4th grade, Key Rose had a picture of her older sister, dressed in her college graduation regalia, taped to the inside of her planner. “It was motivation for me,” she says, as she reflects on the memory. Now, on her own college journey, Rose hopes to provide this same motivation and support to her fellow students.

Serving as the Director of Advocacy on the Student Senate, President of the Black Student Union and as a member of the campus Get Out The Vote committee, Rose is committed to making sure the campus community knows about the resources that are present, and advocates for others when they need support.

“It’s hard to explain what exactly community is, but I know it feels very loving. It’s being there through thick and thin and working through problems together.”

A student in the Photography and Digital Imaging Program, Rose uses art as a form of expression. Along with photography, she is a student of spoken word poetry, taking classes and performing at various shows across the Twin Cities. “I’m an artist of many forms. Being around art is very energizing for me.”

Rose’s art is also central to her activism. She recently helped curate a performance piece in Minneapolis called Rising from Concrete, and has been collaborating with peers to work with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on a project that is meant to honor and memorialize Black folks who have lost their lives due to police violence. “I consider myself an activist in the community. I want to be there in support of others.”

With the school year now underway, Key is eager to continue to support change in the Minneapolis College community and promote the resources that are available to students despite their new learning environments. “I hope this anti-racism statement sticks and takes off, I hope more students learn about the voting process and I hope that all students get the resources they need to be successful, whether it’s housing, food security or other forms of support.”


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