Gene Haas Foundation Awards $10,000

Gene Haas Foundation

Students at Minneapolis College will have increased financial support as they pursue manufacturing education and training.

The Gene Haas Foundation has awarded Minneapolis College \$10,000 in grants to support student scholarships and machining and manufacturing engineering program needs. Since 2019, Minneapolis College has received \$20,000.

The College offers courses in Machine Tool Technology, learning the manual machine basics and advancing through the CNC machining programming, setup and operation processes.

Instructor Paul Fiege states, the Foundation award allows students to focus on their studies, and not have to worry, as much, about a part-time job to get through school. “I believe the added benefit of the scholarship is that it relieves stress and directly results in the student being able to transform into the high-skilled machinist that the industry sorely needs.”

The Gene Haas Foundation’s primary goal is to build skills in the manufacturing industry by providing scholarships for CNC machine technology students.

The Gene Haas Foundation donates millions of dollars every year to manufacturing education and the community. In 2020, the Gene Haas Foundation provided more than $17 million in grants, bringing the total since inception to more than to $100 million.

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