Finding Community


Most of us have had the thought, and likely even daydreamed about, pulling up stakes and traveling far from home in search of a new experience, and hopefully a new community. Katherine Pitt did just that when she moved to Minneapolis from the United Kingdom on an F1 visa to study math. The reason she stayed was because she found that community in the Twin Cities, starting with Minneapolis College. 

Pitt was thrilled by the diverse sense of community found in every classroom, communal space and every other occupiable square foot of Minneapolis College. “The College provided a grounding steadiness and space to meet friends and gain a community to belong to,” said Pitts about her experience.

The sense of community at her new school did more than just soften her landing in the United States. Pitt became a proactive member in her new-found home. After just one semester, she formed a club for international students that was, of course, open to all students. Later, in conjunction with Student Life and the Modern Languages Department, she helped organize several events centered around the varied food, music and cultures represented at Minneapolis College.

Pitt also found extracurricular opportunities to further her education, both academically and culturally at Minneapolis College. She began working at the Academic Success Center. She found it both enjoyable and pragmatic. “The philosophy is to have students who have successfully completed a class offer to tutor others, and it’s a great way to make sure the basics stay fresh in your mind.”

As an alumnus, currently in a post-graduate program elsewhere, Pitt’s connection remains strong in many ways. Notably in the form of gainful employment. “I am very happy I get to continue my connection with this College and its mission by working in the Business Office. Someone has to make sure the electricity bill gets paid!”

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