Doing the Work

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Amanda Jones’ dream is to open a treatment center for women in recovery to provide families high quality care when they transition from an inpatient setting. With that dream in mind, Jones began her educational journey at Minneapolis College in 2019 where she is majoring in Addiction Counseling. The Minnesota Legislature is supporting her goal with a $2,500 Workforce Development Scholarship offered through the College.

“The Workforce Development Scholarship allows me to move forward while balancing going to school with my role as a single mom,” said Jones, who recognizes she couldn’t accomplish her goals as easily without the support of the scholarship. 

“Amanda is an incredibly thoughtful person, which is reflected not only in her demeanor with others, but in the way she approaches career questions and schedules her classes to ensure she can balance academic and family responsibilities,” said Kris Leveille, director, TRIO Starting Point who recommended Amanda for the scholarship. “She has demonstrated great maturity, responsibility, resourcefulness and creativity in her quest toward her educational goals. She even ended her first year with a 4.0 G.P.A., despite the many curveballs that came with it due to the pandemic.” 

As a person in recovery herself, Jones has relied on self-motivation and self-advocacy to get where she is today. Fear of failing or being too old for college kept her away for 11 years. She decided not to let fear and anxiety get in her way any longer and enrolled at Minneapolis College upon the recommendation of a friend. “The College, teachers and the reputation of the Addiction Counseling Program are setting me up for success,” said Jones, who plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree after she graduates from Minneapolis College. “If I can turn my life around, anyone can.” 

She aspires to offer hope for people in society who struggle with addiction. “I know what it takes to create a solid path to recovery, and I want to inspire others toward recovery,” said Jones, who has fought hard for her own sobriety and now celebrates more than 3 years clean.

“Addiction destroys countless lives every day. If you put your fears behind you, set strong boundaries, don’t take no for an answer, build relationships, seek balance and don’t give up, you’ll succeed. And I will be there to cheer you on.”

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