Creating Opportunities in Times of Change

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Navigating change is more important now than ever before. Minneapolis College is at the heart of leveraging change, creating new opportunities and a stronger more prosperous future for its students.

The College enrolls more than 11,000 credit students annually and is known for creating affordable, flexible and accessible paths to a higher education. “We strive to remove barriers and surround our students with supportive services to ensure their success,” said Heidi Aldes, interim dean of enrollment.

“Aside from moving almost all of our classes online to meet the safety needs of our community, students have access to a range of culturally relevant services including counseling and advising, free health care, food supports and scholarship opportunities. These services are in addition to our comprehensive range of classes, certificates, degrees and award-winning faculty.”

Transforming Lives Through Education

“The students at Minneapolis College are incredibly smart, courageous and talented, and my job as an instructor is to move obstacles out of the way so their capabilities can be revealed,” said Ruthanne Crapo Kim, philosophy instructor and Minnesota State Educator of the Year.

“I teach as an act of political and social justice in order to transform individual lives and democratically engage our students and their cultures. I believe good instruction ought to be accessible and help us mediate our world in ways that make sense, and yet, challenge the horizon of our ideals and imaginations.”

Beyond the Classroom Opportunities

At Minneapolis College you can expand your experience beyond the classroom by getting involved in one of the many activities available on campus. A variety of academic, social and special interest clubs and organizations offer exceptional leadership development opportunities and ways for students to engage with one another.

Whether looking to start an education in the most affordable way possible, a fast track into the work force, a way to enhance current skills to increase your career opportunities or a brand-new career, Minneapolis College offers a path to get you there.