Career Readiness Digital Badge Demonstrates Skill & Competency

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Minneapolis College Career Services has implemented a Career Readiness Digital Badging Program. It is inspired by the 21st Century Skills Badging initiative managed by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence, and there are 8 specific modules: Collaboration and Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Initiative and Leadership, Intercultural Fluency, Oral and Written Communication, and Resilience.

The modules were underpinned by the Education Design Lab 21st Century Skills Badges, closely following each skill’s taxonomy, learning materials, exercises, assessments and rubrics. The badges were enhanced first after receiving feedback on the materials, exercises, assessments and rubrics from employer partners. In addition, input was received by a selected student ambassador to gain perspective on the proposed user experience of using the Modules in D2L.

Students can now opt in for a self-paced program by completing the 360 Assessment and one of the modules in D2L to learn, develop and demonstrate one of the core competencies to earn a digital badge. Each module consists of materials, assignments, reflection exercises and quizzes.

This provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate one or more core competencies crucial to various industries. It also allows them to showcase their digital badge on their LinkedIn account, job applications, resume and email signature.

“We hope to increase the awareness and adoption of the Career Readiness Digital Badging Program,” said Director of Career Services Julie Poyzer. “We know it will help students learn key skills and improve their chances of obtaining a job by demonstrating core competencies to future employer partners.”

The Career Services Department plans to pilot the program in their Career Ready Mentorship Program. In addition, they plan to promote it to other students including student leaders involved in campus clubs and organizations.

Career Services invites current students to sign up for the Career Readiness Digital Badging Program.