Bobbie Denson Davis Receives HR All Star Award

Bobbi Denson Davis Receives HR All Star Award

The past two years have been challenging for all Human Resource professionals and as a result, many all-stars have emerged. Yet every once in a while, there is an individual so deserving of this type of award, not simply because of the way they managed a crisis, championed a major strategic initiative or exceeded metrics, but how they go above and beyond to demonstrate the kind of ethical, compassionate and experienced leadership we all strive to achieve.

Human Resources Manager and current Interim Vice President of Human Resources and Workforce Equity at Minneapolis College Bobbie Denson Davis is one such individual. And as a result of her hard work and dedication she was chosen as one of three 2022 Minnesota State HR All Star Award recipients.

“Bobbie Denson Davis consistently demonstrates employee-focused service, compassionate accountability, a commitment to students and collaboration within our system that truly makes her deserving of this award,” said Dianna Cusick, Vice President of Human Resources and Workforce Equity. “Bobbie’s most important and yet hardest to measure contribution is the way she cares about the employees and the students at Minneapolis College. She has incredibly high emotional intelligence and every member of the HR team at Minneapolis College has provided feedback about how valued they feel by Bobbie.”

Davis is known for her transparency and her commitment to keeping her peers informed about all HR matters, setting clear expectations for the team. When asked about the award, Davis humbly expressed both surprise and honor, crediting the strong team she works alongside at the College. “I am honored to be part of a great team,” said Davis, who shared how the team depends on one another to ensure things run smoothly. “We are a well-oiled machine, and everyone contributes to making our work flow. I am always excited when we welcome new employees into our community. It is my hope that they will bring their unique perspectives to campus and open dialogues from their own world views which is how it should be in institutions of higher education.”  

A seasoned HR professional, Davis joined Minneapolis College in January of 2011 holding positions including TRIO Education Talent Search Advisor and Office Manager for the Vice President of Student Affairs before joining the HR department. Davis values her time at the College and shared how during the past two years, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, their team held together due to their outstanding support, perseverance and the ability to move through significant challenges, coming out stronger as a result of their experiences.

Davis didn’t just ensure HR was running smoothly at Minneapolis College, she also provided behind the scenes HR support to Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul College and Saint Cloud State University. “Bobbie’s strong management skills, attention-to-detail and outstanding leadership provided increased support to her peers in other colleges and universities,” said Cusick. “Bobbie meets every criteria for the award, specifically excelling in her ability to collaborate within and across colleges and universities and demonstrating consistent outstanding service on a daily basis.”

Davis accepted her award during the Spring 2022 Minnesota State HR Conference.

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