Andy Frye – Leading with His Heart

alumnus smiling

Andy Frye found his way to Minneapolis College in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic hit and his thriving career in the arts took a dramatic shift. An artist for more than 15 years, Andy made a reputation for himself in New York, regionally and in Minneapolis as a professional actor, voice over artist, director, choreographer, visual artist, creator and writer. 

“Going back to school for digital media was one of many quarantine revelations,” said Andy who holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and wasn’t sure what the future held for his career. “I decided to focus on learning new skills and building on my creative foundation through the study of digital media at Minneapolis College. It’s a perfect fit with my passion for creativity and my interest in digital work.”

Frye considers Minneapolis College a lovely place to learn, adapt and grow. “I found Andy’s work both beautiful and thought provoking,” said Samantha Sather, Minneapolis College faculty who had Andy as a student in her layout and design course. “Students are challenged to apply artistic concepts in innovative ways. Andy tackled every project with passion, great skill and impact.” 

2021 Truth Era
(2021: Truth Era): Assigned to create a visual message of hope, Andy created this piece in the Layout and Design course at Minneapolis College

Since theaters have been dark during the past year, Frye has gotten creative in the digital realm. In addition to making videos for clients in the healthcare industry, he has created a silly fun workout video called “CLASS” (taking advantage of his background in dance, yoga and music production) and he is currently filming “DANCE TV,” a live show that was being performed at clubs and bars prior to COVID-19 and is now being adapted to digital platforms.

“Whether it’s video production, music production, theatre and live performance, visual art or digital work — to me they are all the same. I love art projects and collaborating with others,” said Frye, who is always looking for opportunities to share his time and talents in the industry.