Advocacy Through Co-curriculars

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When Brian Lindell began his journey at Minneapolis College in the in the Spring of 2018, he was interested in the Addiction Counseling Program. This interest quickly moved beyond the classroom, transforming into a passion for student leadership.

“It’s so important for people to get plugged in. There are so many opportunities for advancement on campus.”

Lindell became involved in various co-curricular activities across campus, including the Addiction Counseling Club, the Collegiate Recovery Program Drop-In Center, Tutoring (in counseling, psychology and writing) and the Student Senate.

“To be in recovery and be a student presents a dichotomy that can be hard to navigate. [Through my involvement] I was able to provide support and direction.”

It was this same support that originally drew Lindell to Minneapolis College. “I knew there were only a couple of Collegiate Recovery Programs in the state, and this was the only one at a 2-year school. I knew I was in need of more structure, mentorship and support.” His peers taught him that there is always something to give back and that everyone deserves a voice within a community.

This idea of community was a guiding principle for Lindell last year, as he served first as vice president and then as the president of the Student Senate.

“While there is individuality [at Minneapolis College], there is also a sense of connectedness between everybody. I hope Minneapolis College will continue to push itself to offer a platform for people to come together.”

Lindell is proud of the ways in which he advocated for students and supported them on their academic journey. Though his time at Minneapolis College is done, he is excited for the work to continue with this year’s Student Senate.

Lindell will be continuing his education at Augsburg University this fall, where he will pursue his degree in Biopsychology with the hope of doing future research in the field.

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