Library - Reserves



The Library Course Reserves collection directly supports current class instruction. It includes textbooks, study guides, supplemental readings, and other media. Material in the Reserves collection is located behind the Library circulation desk and access is provided to students with a Minneapolis College ID. The collection is comprised of items provided or selected by faculty. Personal material which is added to the collection may be removed at any time.

Adding Your Items

Faculty can add material to the Reserve collection at any time. Please note, there is a minimum two business day turn-around when placing material on reserve. Please submit an online Course Reserve Form before dropping of new material. A short bookmark form must be completed and handed in with the material. It may be found at the circulation desk. Alternatively, a pdf of the form may be printed and submitted with new items.

Adding Library Items

Faculty may keep items from the library’s general collection on reserve for only one semester per academic year. At the end of that period these items (not your personally submitted material) will be removed from the reserve collection and placed back into circulation. Any instructor who wants to keep material on reserve longer than one semester is advised to speak to their departmental library liaison to discuss alternative options.

Removing Items

Faculty can remove items from the Reserve collection by contacting the Circulation Department. During the Fall and Spring semester, the Library will run a report on usage statistics. Items which have not been borrowed by students for over 1 year will be marked for removal. The Library will contact instructors via email that the material is being removed. If the Library is unable to make arrangements to return the material, we will place it on our free book cart.

Borrowing Reserve Items

Students must have a Minneapolis College ID to borrow items from the reserve collection. This includes items that are ‘In Library Only’. If a student does not have a Minneapolis College ID, they may not take any items away from the Circulation Desk. Students will be notified by mail when items are overdue. Instructors will be notified with the name of borrowers who do not return items in the Reserve collection.