Library - Linking



The following guide will assist you in providing links to our subscription resources. It is important to find stable links and to verify links are accessible from off campus. Additionally, providing links through D2L can only be done in specific ways. Please contact the library if you have questions.

Step 1: Find the Persistent URL

Persistent URLs are stable links to online content. Many of our resources provide persistent URLs to specific articles, videos and other content. Websites can use unique names for persistent URLs, including “article bookmark” or "permanent link", and some sites do not explicitly list one.

Examples for Popular Resources

EBSCO Databases

Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, CINAHL Plus with Full Text

From your results list, click an article title to bring up the full record. To the right of the main record, you will see a column of links, including Permalink. Click the Permalink to open a small textbox above the article record.

Gale Databases

Gale Virtual Reference Library, Expanded Academic ASAP

From your results list, click the article title for the full record. Near the top of the page, click on the Bookmark this Document link. (Or, scroll to the bottom of the document and use the Document URL, it is the same link.)

ProQuest Databases

ProQuest Newsstand Complete, Alt-PressWatch, Ethnic NewsWatch

From your results list, click the article title for the full record. Scroll to the bottom of the record and find the Document URL.

Films on Demand

Scroll down the page to the textbox with the Title URL (for a full video) or the Segment URL for shorter segments.

Step 2: Add the Proxy URL

For access to subscription resources to work from off campus, a proxy URL needs to be added to the beginning of the link. Some of our databases will include the proxy. To verify that the proxy URL is present, look for the following at the beginning of each link: If you do not see the proxy URL, it will need to be added. Be sure to not include any spaces between the proxy and persistent URLs.

Sample link with added proxy:…

Embedding Videos from Films on Demand in D2L

Please use D2L support for embedding videos from Films on Demand. This method will allow users to view embedded videos from off campus. Please note: you will need to use the LTI Link from the embed options.