Temporary Change to Grading Policy for Spring 2021

​After consultation with Student Senate, faculty and key subject matter experts in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, Minneapolis College has approved temporary changes to its grading policy for Spring 2021 in response to the ongoing challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presents for students. The following are the changes to the College’s Grading Policy (3.08) that are effective for the Spring 2021 term.  

  1. The deadline to change the grade method in a Spring 2021 course has been extended. Students will be able to change the grade method through the withdraw deadline for the course (as indicated on the course schedule).  

    Students can only change the grade method to one of the grading options allowed by the course, as indicated on the course schedule.  

    Students who have already requested a change to their grading method may do so again until the withdraw deadline for their course.  

    Students wishing to change their grading method are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor prior to changing their grade method for a course. To meet with an advisor, students can schedule an appointment through Navigate.
  2. All final grades of F received for Spring 2021 courses will automatically be changed by the College to a grade of "NC" (No Credit).

    NC grades reduce the completion rate for the course to the same extent as an F would. However, unlike F grades, NC grades are not included in the GPA calculation. 
  3. Students who receive a final grade of D in a Spring 2021 course will have the option to have the D grade changed by the College to a grade of NC (No Credit).

    Note that a D grade will only be changed to an NC at a student's request because in many cases, a D can be better than an NC. Some factors to consider:
    • A D grade is counted as a completion in the student's overall completion rate used in the Satisfactory Academic Progress process; an NC grade is not counted as a completion and reduces the student's overall completion rate. 
    • Unlike D grades, NC grades are not included in the GPA calculation. Therefore, while NC grades do not drag down a student’s GPA, they also cannot raise the GPA. 
    • Unlike an NC grade, a grade of D is considered a passing grade for all Goal Area courses (per MN State procedure 3.21.1). 
    • Some programs with external accreditation and/or licensing requirements may require an A-F letter grade. 
    • Because a D grade may be better than an NC grade depending on your circumstance, students should talk with their advisor before requesting to have a D grade changed to an NC.

Students will be able to request that a D be changed to an NC during the following time period: Monday, May 3, 2021 through noon on May 21, 2021. The request process will be shared with all students on May 3, 2021, via Minneapolis College student email. Therefore, students who believe they may receive a D in a course should talk with their advisor prior to final grades being posted on May 19 to make sure they have enough time to make the decision that's right for their situation.

The intent of these temporary policy changes is to provide relief to students who have unavoidable circumstances that impact their academic performance in the Spring 2021 term. Students are still encouraged to work toward the highest grade possible in their courses since an NC (No Credit) grade does not count as a passing grade in a course.

Therefore, students should talk with their advisor before changing their grading method or choosing to have a D grade changed to an NC. Instructors can also help you by giving a student an assessment of how they are doing in a course, to help inform their decision.​