Minnesota State Procedure 7.6.2 defines debts and explains the collections process.

After the Last Day to Drop, your registrations are non-refundable. You may pay for your registrations while you attend the courses, but the tuition due date occurs at the start of the semester. Additionally, if you pay as you attend, the College is authorized to add payment plan and late fees to your bill.

Your bill is available in eServices. To view your bill, select the “Bills and Payments” link. Partial payments are accepted online and in person (T.2100) if your bill is not at collections.

0031-Unpaid Balance holds are placed on bills greater than $500. This notification alerts you to review your bill and act before the end of the semester.

Referral to Collections

Minnesota Statute 16D.04 requires the college to refer unpaid debts to collections approximately 30 days after the semester ends.

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 16D.07, a college or university is required to send notice to the debtor by U.S. mail or personal delivery at the debtor's last known address at least 20 days before the debt is referred to Minnesota Department of Revenue, Collection Division, or any private collection agency.

In most situations, the college refers unpaid bills to MN Department of Revenue. This state agency is authorized to make long term payment arrangements on behalf of public colleges. Payments are then transferred to the college and applied to your bill. Collections fees apply.

In some situations, the college may refer unpaid bills to a private collection agency.  Presently, the college contracts with Williams and Fudge Collections.

Contact Information for Collections

Minnesota Department of Revenue
(651) 556-3003

Williams & Fudge
(800) 551-5772