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Architectural Virtual Reality and Rendering

What it is

The Virtual Reality and Rendering certificate program will provide structured learning and skill development in the area of architectural virtual reality and 3D computer model rendering. Upon successful completion of the program you will be able render high quality images, import an architectural computer model into a VR software environment, modify and enhance the environment and then set up and use VR devices to explore that environment. Topics will emphasize the use of these skills for design and marketing as well as constructability, coordination and collaboration with the architectural and construction industries.


  • This program aims to provide a broad study into the use of virtual reality and rendering in the architectural and design industries
  • Topics span from design theory (creating high quality rendered images) to the practical integration of virtual reality into construction
  • Instructors are all practicing professionals working in the industry
  • Software products taught are those currently used in the industry
  • Convenient downtown location, evening classes, and the opportunity for remote access to your instructor is intended to provide convenience for working individuals

Industries Using This Technology

Employers actively using this technology are architectural, engineering, interior design, landscape and construction firms. Additional possible industries exploring this technology are: real estate developers, construction management, and product sales.


Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

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  1. Create visually pleasing graphic images that address color theory, realistic atmospheric conditions and appropriate story-telling
  2. Edit files for hard copy printing and web publishing optimization
  3. Edit and develop VR environments for use in collaboration and design
  4. Maneuver through systems created for resource management and file organization