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Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician

What it is

The Minneapolis College Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician Certificate will prepare students for immediate employment in technical positions in the bicycle industry with the skills required to assemble all types and brands of new bicycles for delivery to retail stores at a level of skill that ensured rider safety and the bicycle’s effective performance after sale.

You will learn how to maintain and repair work on all types, brands, and ages of bicycles. Students will also learn the daily and seasonal operations of service departments and how to implement and manage a repair queue, anticipate material and labor needs for the shop.

Information Session

Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician:


  • Minneapolis College’s Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician certificate is designed to be completed in one and a half semesters. This accelerated schedule will allow you to start your repair and assembly courses in mid-September and finish them by the following mid-May, in time for employment at the start of the peak season for bicycle assembly and repair.
  • You will receive hands-on instruction from practicing professionals in the Bicycle Assembly and Repair industry.
  • To complement these technical skills, obtained in the Bicycle Assembly and Repair Technician you will learn how to operate a bicycle service department and gain an understanding of the function area of business.

Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate ability to assemble and repair all types of bicycles currently in use.
  2. Apply foundational skills and knowledge to continuing professional development in response to changes in bicycle technology.
  3. Apply knowledge of systems and measures to find solutions to novel repair situations.
  4. Provide solutions that balance business, customer, and professional goals.
  5. Demonstrate ethical conduct in all job and personal cycling activities that maintains an image appropriate for the profession.