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Herbal Studies

What it is

The Herbal Studies certificate program provides a unique opportunity for those interested in herbal medicine, wellness, holistic health, botany and horticulture to study herbal medicine in an academic setting.

Upon completion of the Herbal Studies certificate students will understand traditional and holistic approaches to herbal medicine in addition to current scientific research and herbal product market trends, preparing them for employment in the herbal products field.


  • This is the first and only undergraduate certificate award in herbal studies in the U.S.
  • Instructors have a broad range of expertise in herbal and traditional medicine as well as many years of post-secondary teaching experience
  • You’ll gain many unique skills that will help you launch your career in natural products
  • This certificate pairs well with health related degrees for those wishing to have a background in herbal medicine.

Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

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Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Articulate the connections and differences between the global herbal medicine systems which shape herbal medicine in the US.
  2. Apply safe herbal medicine dosing strategies to a variety of situations that are age appropriate.
  3. Manufacture herbal medicines, including the preparation of teas, tinctures, salves, compresses, and steams
  4. Research and assess traditional uses and scientific research of medicinal plants
  5. Understand materia medica including the habitat and cultivation of herbs, harvesting, indications, contraindications, and dosing of the 50 most used herbal medicines in the US
  6. Safely use herbs with and understanding of Herb/Drug interactions and know how to assess research on the subject