Program Description

In Minneapolis College's Philosophy program, you will have the opportunity to ask the “big” questions of what exists, how we know what we know, how we should act and how we should reason. Focusing on critical thinking and reasoned arguments, the program explores themes of ethics, logic, self-identity, religion, the environment and social activism from the perspectives of varied cultures, traditions and radical thought.


  • Minneapolis College’s diverse student population is reflected in the global and multicultural approach to the study of philosophy. In this dynamic academic environment, you will challenge ethnocentric, patriarchal, racist and classist traditions of philosophy.
  • You will receive personal attention from faculty members’ diverse teaching backgrounds who hold masters’ or doctoral degrees.
  • Coursework, assignments and activities provide you with opportunities to apply philosophy and critical thought to historical and contemporary issues of social justice within the global community.

Program Details

Occupational Outlook

With an A.A. in Philosophy from Minneapolis College, you can go on to get a four year degree in a number of different fields of study. You will have a solid preparation for your continued educational path working with ideas, whether you want to go on to law school, seminary, become a teacher, or any number of different professions.

Potential Job Titles

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Religious Leader
  • Lawyer

Where You Could Work

  • Careers related to this major are those that value critical and analytical thought from multiple perspectives.
  • Graduates often pursue careers in teaching, law, business, religion, environmental sciences, political and social science, humanities and literature. 
  • In addition, a philosophy curriculum is excellent preparation for graduate programs in a variety of fields.