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Communication Studies

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The Communication Studies Transfer Pathway A.A. offers students a powerful option: The opportunity to complete an Associate of Arts degree with course credits that directly transfer to designated Communication Studies *bachelor’s degree programs at Minnesota State universities*.

The curriculum has been specifically designed so that students completing this pathway degree and transferring to one of the 7 Minnesota State universities enter the university with junior-year status. All courses in the Transfer Pathway associate degree will directly transfer and apply to the designated bachelor’s degree programs in a related field.

Communication Studies majors demonstrate effectiveness in their public speaking, intercultural, interpersonal and small group communication skills with the goal to develop relevant and practical communication abilities in personal and professional contexts.

*This transfer pathway in Associate of Arts in Communication Studies will transfer to the following majors:

  • Metropolitan State University: Professional Communication, B.A.
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato: Communication Studies, B.S.
  • Minnesota State University, Moorhead: Communication Studies, B.A.
  • Southwest Minnesota State University: Communication Studies, B.A. or Communication Studies, B.A. (Public Relations Emphasis)
  • St. Cloud State University: Communication Studies, B.A. or Communication Studies Supplementary, B.A .or Communication Studies Interdepartmental, B.S.
  • Winona State University: Communication Studies, B.A. (General, Leadership and Advocacy, Organizational)


  • Our diverse student population at Minneapolis College provides opportunities to learn about the many approaches and areas of study within communication studies while immersed in intercultural contexts. 
  • Courses in Communication Studies are often discussion-based, along with assignments, coursework and activities to illustrate competence in areas such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, small group communication, as well as others. 
  • Our faculty are experts the field of Communication Studies with Master’s Degrees and many with Doctoral Degrees.

Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

Please select the award below to view the degree options and requirements in the college catalog. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize communication to negotiate cultural differences
  2. Apply ethical communication principles and practices.
  3. Critically analyze messages and engage in communication inquiry.
  4. Create messages appropriate to the audience, purpose and context.
  5. Employ communication theories, perspectives, principles and concepts
  6. Demonstrate the ability to accomplish communicative goals and influence public discourse.