African Diaspora Studies

Program Description


  • Any group migration or flight from a country or region. Synonyms: dispersion, dissemination, migration, displacement, scattering. Antonyms: return.
  • Any group that has been dispersed outside its traditional homeland, especially involuntarily, as Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

In Minneapolis College's A.A. with emphasis in African Diaspora Studies program, you will analyze the history, politics, and cultures of African people globally and locally. You will explore the experiences of the descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, recent immigrants from Africa to the U.S. and Europe and many other aspects of African Diasporic lives around the globe.


  • Minneapolis College is one of the first schools in the country to offer a program of this kind – largely at the request of its students.
  • Our diversity allows us to draw on faculty, student, staff and community support in order to more deeply engage the most pressing issues facing African diasporic peoples today.
  • In addition, studies have shown that students do better in their classes, and are more likely to complete their programs if they are engaged in curriculum that directly engages their personal experiences.

Program Details

Potential Job Titles

  • Journalist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scholar
  • Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Filmmaker

Where You Could Work

Graduates of most liberal arts associate of arts degrees will enter four-year colleges and universities, and go on to receive their bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including (but not limited to): Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, Business and Finance, Management, Acting, Studio Art, Mathematics, Statistics, Social Work and Urban Planning.

We have an articulation agreement with the Metropolitan State University Ethnic Studies Department, and are in the process of completing one with the Department of African American and African Studies at the University of Minnesota.