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Addiction Counseling

What it is

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Through Minneapolis College’s Addiction Counseling Program, the oldest in the state of Minnesota, you will receive hands-on training and excellent training from experienced faculty that will ground you in the fundamentals of counseling. This program, which emphasizes the importance of interpersonal and cross-cultural communications, prepares you for Minnesota Alcohol and Drug Counselor licensure.


  • Addiction Counseling at Minneapolis College has a rich, 40-year history and is one of the country’s oldest counseling programs. It is the oldest program in Minnesota.
  • The program touts diverse faculty members, all with years of experience in addiction counseling.
  • The program enjoys a tremendous statewide reputation, with graduates now working in practically every treatment center in Minnesota.
  • When you graduate, you will be ready for the addiction counseling field in entry-level positions or you can choose to transfer to a four-year program.

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Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

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Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Value diversity in Addiction Counseling by demonstrating cultural and linguistic competencies.
  2. Execute two practica (internships) over two academic semesters performing the 12 core functions for a total of 880 hours in clinical practice.
  3. Recognize ethical issues, investigate and apply ethical decision making in Addiction Counseling.
  4. Develop the appropriate clinical writing skills necessary for professional documentation.
  5. Identify, select, and demonstrate counseling knowledge and skills including: attending, interviewing and therapeutic techniques.
  6. Demonstrate and critique the 12 core functions of Addictions Counseling.