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Sound Arts

What it is

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Minneapolis College's Sound Arts Program—the first of its kind in the Midwest—prepares you for an exciting career in music and sound design using the latest technology, equipment and computer software. You will get hands-on training from experienced faculty as you master the skills in recording, manipulating and mixing sound and develop your creative vision.


  • Minneapolis College’s Cinema Division programs (which include Sound Arts) are among the most affordable programs in the U.S. and tuition covers almost all of your production costs.
  • Thanks to a low student-to-teacher ratio, you will receive personal attention from qualified, passionate faculty members who are working professionals and hold MFA or Ph.D. degrees or have extensive industry experience.
  • A diverse student base adds to the creative experience. Students come from all over the world, have varied professional backgrounds and range in age from 18 to 65.
  • Cutting-edge technology strengthens hands-on, practical application experience in the programs. You will have access to the latest software, cameras and sound equipment as well as production and post-production facilities and studios. You will use film and digital image or analog and digital sound technology in your productions.
  • Local and nationally recognized industry experts from Hollywood and New York serve as guest speakers and work with Cinema Division students every semester.
  • Minneapolis College boasts award-winning alumni. Former student achievements have included: producing a Super Bowl ad that was the most-watched television commercial of all time; writing and producing a short film that qualified for consideration as a 2010 Oscar nomination; earning the McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship Award in 2009; receiving Bush Foundation Artist Fellowships, and winning a 2008 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, one of the most prestigious screenwriting prizes in the world.

Award Requirements and Course Descriptions & Outlines

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Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Exercise thoughtful judgment in making artistic, technical and professional choices.
  2. Integrate skill and craft with the use of sound tools and professional practices.
  3. Synthesize the fundamental principles governing control of acoustic, analog and digital sound; to apply them in artistic and industry work.
  4. Assess a range of technical and aesthetic challenges and adapt by applying listening and communication skills distinctive to the field.
  5. Demonstrate creativity and vision in recognizing and producing work that achieves its own ends.