Procedure 4.16.01


Last Date of Attendance Procedure


Part 1. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to conform with federal regulations 34 CFR 668.22 – Treatment of Title IV Funds, for institutions that administer federal financial aid. Instructors must provide Last Date of Attendance (LDA) information for students who never attend or who stop attending the course during the semester or term.

Part 2. Definitions

Never Attended: A specific type of LDA report used in cases when a student has not participated in a course in the first 2 weeks of the semester for a full-term course. This includes students who added a course during the drop/add period but who do not participate by the end of the first 2 weeks of the semester/term.

Partially Attended: A specific type of LDA report used in cases when a student who began participating in a course ceases to participate for two consecutive weeks at any point in the semester/term up until the withdrawal deadline for a full-term course.

Short-term Courses: Those courses that span less than the full 17-week semester.

Part 3. Procedure

Never Attended: For never attended, instructors will issue a grade of “W” for students who enroll in a course and fail to attend or meet the participation requirements within the first two weeks from the first day of the semester/term. In these cases, faculty should report LDA as “Never Attended.” Faculty may enter this LDA as soon as the opportunity to participate has been completed. Faculty must report the “Never Attended” LDA prior to the end of the first day of the third week of the semester or term.

Partial Attendance: For partial attendance, instructors will issue a grade of “W” for students who stopped coming to class or stopped meeting participation requirements (based on the factors outlined in Part 3 of Policy 4.16) for two consecutive weeks unless they have received approval from their instructor. Faculty must report the partially attended LDA within two weeks of determining the student has stopped participating.

Part 4. Course Duration

Short-term Courses: Short-term courses are courses that do not extend the full length of the semester or term. Instructors will issue a grade of “W” in a short-term or specific program course for students who stop attending or participating in the prorated amount of consecutive calendar days of participation after the drop deadline and prior to the withdrawal deadline as defined in the table below.

Grade W issued to students for short-term courses lasting:

  • 1-2 weeks | student attendance of 2 days in that period
  • 3-6 weeks | student attendance of 5 days in that period
  • 7-8 weeks | student attendance of 7 days in that period
  • 9 + weeks | student attendance of 14 days (two weeks) in that period

Part 4. Readmissions process

Readmissions to the class will be considered based on one of the following criteria:

  • College error
  • Student personal or medical circumstances

Students must contact the faculty member to request re-entry to the class. If the administrative withdrawal was not due to college error, the student must be prepared to provide the reason for their lack of participation and a demonstrated commitment to complete the course. Students may also be asked to provide related documentation to confirm their reason for non-attendance.

Instructors must determine if they approve the reinstatement based on the student’s reported personal or medical circumstance or college error.

Part 5. Readmissions Criteria

College error: Such errors must be identified by the instructor and submitted to the Registrar’s office using the designated college email account (recordsfaculty@minneapolis.edu) from their college email account. Students will be reinstated by the Registrar’s office.

Personal or medical circumstances: Instructors will consider whether the student will be able to catch up and maintain the remaining work required to complete the course. Readmissions must be submitted to the College Registrar’s office using the designated college email account (recordsfaculty@minneapolis.edu) from their college email account. A student who is readmitted and does not meet the participation standards outlined in Minneapolis College Policy 4.16 - Last Date of Attendance should be removed from the class through the LDA process again and will not be reinstated.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Student Affairs

Date of Adoption: 11/21/2019

Date of Implementation (if different from adoption date): 1/13/2020

Date Last Reviewed:  2/29/2023 (Limited Review)

History and Subject of Revisions: 2/29/2023 (Limited Review)

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law):  Code of Federal Regulations: 34 CFR 668.22 – Treatment of Title IV Funds