Procedure 4.05.01

Procedures for Changing Enrollment

Part 1. Adding Classes

The registration period lasts through the first five days of each term, and occasionally a sixth day, Saturday, is added. Students must pay the same day when adding classes unless they have been deferred previously.

Subpart A. Adding Classes by Course Override

Students wishing to enroll in a closed course (full enrollment) must obtain the faculty member's written permission with signature to allow an admit to the closed course. Students must present form to the Student Services Center during regularly scheduled hours.

Subpart B. Late Registration/Enrollment

The "Late Registration" form is located in the Student Services Suite, T.2100. Students must obtain each faculty member's signature approval for each added class and submit the form to the Academic Affairs Office, T.2470. The Dean will review, approve or deny, within three business days. The form is then forwarded to the Registrar's Office. If the form is approved the student must come in person to complete the enrollment and tuition must be paid at that same time.

Part 2. Dropping Classes

Students may drop courses during the first five days of each term, and on the sixth day, Saturday, if this day is scheduled. Dropped classes will NOT appear on the student's records, no financial penalty is assessed at this time, and tuition is not changed or is credited to the student's account.

Part 3. Withdrawing From Classes

After the fifth day of the term, students who no longer wish to be enrolled in a course may withdraw. A "W" will appear as a course "grade" on the student transcripts and records. Students are obligated to pay tuition for courses from which they withdraw Other consequences (such as academic progress penalties) may also apply. Students must make satisfactory academic progress to continue enrollment at the College. (See Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 4.13) Students totally withdrawing (or "stopping out") from courses in technical programs should see a counselor before withdrawing.

Part 4. Never Attended - No Enrollment

Subpart A. Procedure

Each term the college will review student enrollment as of the 10th business day of the term.  Administrative drops will be processed for students that have been identified by faculty as never attending, as outlined by Last Day of Attendance policy 4.16, for all their courses.  Questions regarding the application for this procedure may be directed to the Business Office.

Subpart B. Record Management and Reporting

The College will identify eligible students and process a back-dated drop in place of the recorded Last Date of Attendance (i.e. 11/17/20xx).  This administrative drop removes the course from the student's transcript and corresponding tuition and fees from the student's account.

The College shall analyze the impact of this procedure on student enrollment, course management and tuition revenue and provide a report to administration annually.

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 7/1/1999

Date and Subject of Revisions: