Procedure 2.06.01


Student Accommodation Procedure


Part 1: Implementation of Approved Accommodations

  1. The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at Minneapolis College will write individualized letters to faculty members stating the reasonable accommodations as determined by ARC staff. Students are responsible for delivering the individualized letters to faculty via specified delivery mechanism in a timely manner. If the student should have any difficulties with delivery of accommodation notifications, they should request assistance from the ARC.
  2. Instructors are expected to comply with any approved accommodations in a fair, non-judgmental and timely manner; and to maintain the student's right to privacy regarding any accommodations. Faculty are invited to contact the ARC with concerns or questions about the accommodations. Instructors are not expected to compromise essential elements of the course or evaluation standards and need to contact the ARC if this need arises.
  3. Students are responsible for contacting the ARC if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in an effective or timely way. The ARC will work with College personnel and students to resolve disagreements regarding approved accommodations. Students should follow the College Policy 4.10 Student Complaints and Grievance Policy if they have not received timely and appropriate service from the ARC.‚Äč

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Date of Last Review: 11/7/2018

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