Procedure 2.05.01


Procedures for Requesting Reasonable Workplace Accommodations


Part 1. ADA Coordinator

Pursuant to state law, every college must designate an individual to coordinate requests for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA coordinator on campus is:

Human Resources Manager
Phone: 612-659-6572
Office: K1107

Part 2. Requests for Accommodations

  1. An employee requesting a job accommodation due to a disability should complete the appropriate form available in the ADA coordinator's office.
  2. Employees must provide the ADA coordinator with appropriate medical documentation supporting the existence of a disability and detailing physical or mental limitations.
  3. The ADA coordinator will then determine whether the employee meets the definition of a qualified individual with a disability under the ADA.
  4. The ADA coordinator will review medical documentation and determine the precise job-related limitations.
  5. If the employee meets the ADA-definition of a qualified individual with a disability, the ADA coordinator will then identify potential accommodations and assess the effectiveness each would have in allowing the individual to perform the essential job functions.
  6. The ADA coordinator will select and implement the accommodation that is the most appropriate for both the individual and the employer. While an individual’s preference for accommodations will be considered, the College is free to choose among equally effective accommodations.
  7. If a request for accommodation is not approved, the ADA coordinator shall inform the employee of the reasons for non-approval in writing within 3 working days of the decision.
  8. Employees or applicants who are dissatisfied with the decision(s) pertaining to his/her accommodation request may file an appeal with the President, within a reasonable period of time, for a final decision.

Part 3. Rights and Responsibilities

As an employee with a disability, you have:

  • The right to a reasonable accommodation so that you can carry out the essential functions of your job
  • The right to the elimination or reassignment of marginal functions of your job as a reasonable accommodation
  • The responsibility to carry out essential job functions
  • The responsibility to provide specific, relevant medical documentation of your need for a reasonable accommodation

As an employer, the College has:

  • The right to determine essential and marginal job duties
  • The right to establish job qualifications
  • The right to request medical documentation
  • The right to establish standards of performance for a job
  • The right to choose the accommodation, as long as it is effective
  • The right to deny a request for an accommodation to an individual who is not otherwise qualified to perform the essential job functions
  • The responsibility to treat each employee with a disability on an individual basis when determining reasonable accommodation
  • The responsibility to document the request for and approval or denial of an accommodation
  • The responsibility to maintain all medical documentation in a confidential file separate from the employee's personnel file.
  • Employee/Applicant Request for Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Reasonable Accommodation Form can be found on the MMB Employee-Relations Equal Opportunity ADA website under the Statewide Forms section. The WORD doc download will appear in the tray at the bottom of the browser.

Date last amended: 11/29/2021