Procedure 1.09.01

Procedure for College Committees

Part 1. Proposing a new College Committee

  1. Any member of the college community may propose the formation of a new ad hoc or standing college committee.
  2. The proposal is presented to a member of President’s Council or the committee initiator brings a brief proposal to the President’s Council. The proposal must include the rationale for a new committee, including the proposed purpose of the committee, responsibilities of the committee, and a list of benefits for the college community.
  3. If a new committee is approved for formation, President’s Council will appoint an administrator to serve as the Committee Sponsor, based on the committee’s purpose and content.
  4. President’s Council will also create a Committee Charge document or assign creation of the charge to the Committee Sponsor. 

Part 2. Establishing a new College Committee

  1. After the President’s Council approves the formation of a new Committee, the President appoints a Sponsor and the Sponsor works with the President’s Council to create a Committee Charge.
  2. The draft Committee Charge documents will be posted to the online committee site for review and comment and will also be brought to bargaining unit meetings for information.
  3. The sponsor requests appointments of representative members as outlined in the Committee Charge document, including representative members and subject matter experts.
  4. Once the committee members are named, the sponsor appoints a chair or co-chairs from the membership.
  5. The sponsor will determine an appropriate length of term for chair(s) based on the content of the Committee’s work.
  6. Committee Chairs are required to complete a meeting facilitation training before the Committee’s first meeting

Part 3. Operation of College Committees

  1. The Office of the President maintains a master list of committees, the charge document for each committee, and the current membership of committees.
  2. The committee chair or chairs will ensure meeting agendas and minutes are prepared.
  3. The sponsor will appoint one person in their report line to ensure meeting agendas and minutes are posted in a timely manner, with minutes posted within one week after a meeting is held.
  4. All committees must have a current Committee Charge document in place.
  5. The committee charge, agendas, and minutes will be posted in a shared location as designated by the President’s Council, viewable by the College community.
  6. It is expected that agendas will be posted at least one day prior to each meeting, and minutes will be posted within one week after each meeting.
  7. Meetings are open to observers and invited guests, but participation in the meeting is limited to the members of the committee unless a guest/observer at a meeting is invited by the chair to provide input.
  8. If a representative member does not start or discontinues attending meetings, the chair will notify the appointing body for that seat and offer that body the opportunity to appoint a replacement for that member.

Date of Adoption: 10/19/2015

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 10/19/2015

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