Policy 8.07


Minneapolis College Gymnasium Use


The Minneapolis College gymnasium exists to support the academic mission of the college by providing adequate space for physical education. Additionally, the gymnasium serves to support intercollegiate athletics and other student life activities. The gymnasium is a special-use facility.

It is the college's desire to maintain a safe and clean gymnasium. The purpose of this policy is to ensure close monitoring of activities in the gym to accomplish this goal.

Part 1. Priority of Use

  1. Physical Education and Health classes
  2. Intercollegiate athletics
  3. Campus events such as graduations or large audience presentations
  4. Student life activities such as the annual Health Fair or PowWow
  5. Fund raising and special events
  6. Outside rentals

Part 2. Conditions of Use

Proper non-marking athletic shoes must be worn in the gym. For events other than basketball and Physical Education/Health classes, the gym floor covering must be used. When the floor covering is in use, no special shoes are required. Activities that may damage the floor, bleachers, scoreboards, wall pads and lights will be restricted from gym usage.

Part 3. Requests and Reservations

Requests for scheduling gymnasium use should be directed to the Office of Central Scheduling. Central Scheduling will communicate and coordinate with the Athletic Coordinator to ensure priority of use is followed in approving all use of the gymnasium.

Part 4. Identification

Any individual using the gym is required to present proper identification upon request by a college official. Refusal to present identification will result in eviction from the gym.

Date of Adoption: 2/24/2004

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 2/24/2004

Date and Subject of Revisions: