Policy 7.09


Campus Health and Safety Policy


Part 1. Purpose

To underscore the College’s commitment to providing a safe, secure and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors. 

Part 2. Definitions

Campus health and safety:  Campus health and safety encompasses personal security and public safety, safe and efficient movement to and throughout the campuses, preservation of physical and fiscal resources, safe and healthful facilities, emergency management, and protection of the environment

Part 3.  Safety Commitment

Per Board of Trustees Operating Instructions the College will convene a Safety Committee that will help create awareness and resolve issues around the continued operational safety of the College.

In accord with the Safety Committee, the College will implement programs across the institution to reduce or eliminate hazards to persons and facilities, facilitate movement on campus, and prevent harm to the campus environment and surrounding community. The College expects that students, faculty, and staff will fulfill their individual responsibilities toward achieving safety excellence and environmental responsiveness.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Finance and Operations

Date of Adoption: 10/28/2003

Date of Implementation (if different from adoption date): N/A

Date Last Amended: 6/9/2022

History and Subject of Revisions: 6/9/2022 (Comprehensive)

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law):  Minnesota State Board Operating Instructions, Minnesota State System Office Procedures