Policy 6.10


Faculty-Initiated Class Cancellation Policy


​Part 1: Purpose

This policy and related Procedure 6.10.01 articulates the processes that are followed at Minneapolis College and its satellite locations when, due to unforeseen availability, a faculty member initiates the cancellation of one or more class sessions. 

This policy does not apply to situations when the C​ollege administration cancels classes due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions.​

Part 2: Faculty Notification

Faculty who cancel their class are responsible for notifying the Academic Affairs division in a timely fashion in accordance with the processes outlined in College Policy 6.10.01, Faculty-initiated Class Cancellation Procedure.

Date of Adoption: 5/16/2019
Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date): 
Date of Last Review: 5/16/2019
Date and Subject of Revisions: