Policy 6.04

Hiring and Promotions

Part 1. Policy Statement

Minneapolis Community and Technical College is committed to the principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity in recruiting and hiring qualified individuals, and in retaining and promoting qualified existing employees.

The College recognizes that the search process plays a significant role in the recruitment, screening and selection of candidates for hire. However, because Minneapolis College is also committed to providing growth and advancement opportunities for existing employees, the College retains the right to make promotions from within the institution without utilizing an external search process.

Part 2. External Searches

An external search process will be invoked in situations where there are no suitable internal candidates or where the President determines that an external search is warranted. The type of search, size and composition of search committee, and process may vary depending on the position.

When utilizing an external search to fill permanent faculty positions or administrative positions with campus-wide significance, the College shall utilize a full search committee with representatives from administration, both faculty unions, staff and students. When utilizing an external search to fill other administrative and professional positions, the College may utilize a condensed search within a unit or division. The President shall determine which positions have campus-wide significance and when a full external search shall be utilized.

Part 3. Interim Appointments

The College may make interim appointments without utilizing a search process. Interim appointments shall not exceed one year. Interim employees are not eligible for promotion into another position. Interim employees may apply for the permanent position they held on an interim basis. Interim employees who were not previously Minneapolis College employees may not be appointed permanently to the position they held on an interim basis without participating in a search process.

Part 5. Reassignment of Administrators

The College has the right to laterally reassign administrators as necessary.

Part 6. Classified Staff Hiring

Hiring of classified staff shall be done in accordance with established procedures from the Minnesota Department of Employee Relations.

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 7/1/1999

Date and Subject of Revisions: