Policy 5.07


Business Activities


Part 1. Authority

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Minneapolis College may offer products and/or services designed for student recreational, social, welfare and educational pursuits supplemental or incidental to the regular curricular offerings or utilize college excess capacity.

Minneapolis College may also offer products and/or services resulting from part of an educational program. These products and/or services must be made available to the general public and must be in a self-financing manner to the extent practicable in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Board policies and system procedures. All accounting activities for products and/or services provided above must be properly recorded in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities financial management systems.

Part 2. Responsibilities

Subpart A. Delegation

The College President delegates to the Vice President of Finance & Operations the authority to manage all enterprise or auxiliary activities, including but not limited to, food service, bookstore, and printing shops, in a self-financing manner to the extent practicable in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Board policy and system procedures.

Subpart B. Competition with the Private Sector

Minneapolis College has a responsibility to consider very carefully any decision to provide supplemental or incidental products and/or services to students, faculty, staff, or the public at large, particularly where the products and services to be provided might compete with similar products or services offered by the private sector. However, some degree of competition between the college and the private sector may be unavoidable, even when the college is engaged in the narrowest pursuit of its instructional, research, and public service missions.

Part 3. Accountability/Reporting

The Officer of Chancellor will be periodically updated on college and university business activities.

Date of Adoption: 2/27/2005

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 2/27/2005

Date and Subject of Revisions: