Policy 4.18


Student E-mail


Part 1. Policy

Minneapolis College has designated e-mail as the official method of communication with students regarding topics of an academic or administrative nature. Upon registration, the College will assign an e-mail account to each student and expects that students will assume full responsibility for all information sent to them via their College e-mail account.

Part 2. Implementation

Subpart A. Assignment of Student E-mail Account

Minneapolis College e-mail accounts are assigned to all registered students. Students access their e-mail accounts via the College intranet. These student e-mail accounts have addresses comprised of the student's Star ID and the domain @go.minneapolis.edu. For example, Chris Johnson's e-mail account could look something like starid@go.minneapolis.edu.

Subpart B. Use of Student E-mail Account

Students may access their e-mail accounts via the College intranet. Students must provide their Minneapolis College ID and PIN numbers in order to log into the student e-mail system. Minneapolis College students are expected to check their Minneapolis College e-mail accounts regularly, as they are responsible for all information sent to them via their Minneapolis College e-mail account, some of which may be time-sensitive.

Subpart C. Access to Student E-mail Account

Students may access their Minneapolis College student e-mail accounts from any Internet-enabled computer, whether on or off campus. Additionally, in recognition of the importance of technology in student education, the college provides open computer labs at the main, Aviation and Law Enforcement campuses. Students may access their e-mail accounts in any of these computer labs.

Subpart D. Redirecting of E-mail

E-mail communication that is sent by the College to the official Minneapolis college student account is considered delivered. Students who wish to have their official Minneapolis college e-mail forwarded to an alternative account (e.g., America Online, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) may do so at their own risk. Minneapolis College is not responsible for the delivery or delay of delivery into an alternate forwarded account. Students will retain all responsibility associated with official communications that are sent to their Minneapolis college student account.

Subpart E. Term of Student E-mail Account

Student e-mail accounts will be deleted one year after a period of 1 year of non-registered status. Minneapolis College will provide a one-month warning via email prior to the cancellation of e-mail accounts of alumni and former students.

Part 3. Definitions

Subpart A. E-mail Username

The username consists of the student's Star ID and the domain. For example: Chris Johnson's Minneapolis college student e-mail account could look like starid@go.minneapolis.edu. The Star ID portion of the e-mail address is unique to each account to prevent username duplication.

Subpart B. Password

Passwords are automatically synchronized with the student's Minneapolis College student PIN number.

Subpart C. Tech ID

The eight-digit number is on the front of the Minneapolis College ID. The Tech ID number may also be obtained from the Student Services Center.

Subpart D. PIN Number

  • Student's birth date in the format YYMMDD (e.g. July 4, 1976 is 760704) OR
  • The last six digits of the student's social security number OR
  • The last four digits of the student's social security number OR
  • A self-generated password created by the student (with self-service options within eServices)

The PIN number may also be obtained from the Student Services Center.

Part 4. Privacy

Student e-mail is considered private information. As with all electronic communication, users of the student e-mail system must exercise diligent caution in communicating sensitive material.

Part 5. Appropriate Use of Student E-mail

Minneapolis College provides resources in support of its mission to continuously enhance life- long learning by improving students' understanding and utilization of computing resources and information technology. As an institution of higher education, Minneapolis College intends to provide the community with open and unrestricted avenues of communication as long as such use is in compliance with state and federal laws, and other Minneapolis College and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities policies (including Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.22 and Procedure 5.22.1). The use of Minneapolis College's computer systems and networks is a privilege and responsibility granted to faculty, staff, and students. Minneapolis College expects all members of its community to use these resources appropriately.

Part 6. Educational Uses of E-mail

Faculty may incorporate electronic forms of communication in their classes, and will specify their requirements in the course syllabus. This Student E-mail Policy will ensure that all students will be able to comply with e-mail based course requirements specified by faculty.

Date of Adoption: 9/23/2008

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 9/23/2008

Date and Subject of Revisions: