Policy 4.10


Student Concerns, Complaints, and Grievance


Part 1. Purpose

The purpose of this process is to establish and assist students with resolving their concerns, complaints, and grievances regarding the institution or one of its employees. 
All students and employees at Minneapolis College have the right to due process for the resolution of concerns, complaints, and grievances es related to:

  1. The interpretation or application of a specific rule or regulation, 
  2. Specific employee, or
  3. Something else impacting the Minneapolis College community.

Reporting concerns, complaints, or grievances may be filed by any student having direct knowledge of the issue. 

Part 2. Definitions

Appeal: Defined by Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.8.1.

Complaint: Defined by Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.8.1.

Concern: A concern is something that (1) relates to, (2) is of importance or interest to, or (3) affects a student. A concern is a more informal method of communicating something to the College. A student filing a concern simply wants someone to know about it but does not necessarily want someone to follow up with them.

Grievance: Defined by Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.8.1.

Student: Defined by Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.8.1.

Non-Student: Any person not meeting the above student definition may submit a feedback form or a student concern as defined in this policy.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Student Affairs

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from adoption date): N/A

Date of Last Amended: 11/16/22

History and Subject of Revisions: 11/16/22 (Comprehensive Review, expanded policy to included student concerns, moved procedural information to associated procedure, added definitions, revised purpose.)

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law):

Board Policy 2.1 Campus Student Associations;
System Procedure 1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution;
System Procedure 1B.3.1 Response to Sexual Violence;
System Procedure 3.6.1 Student Conduct;
System Procedure 3.8.1 Student Complaints and Grievances;
System Procedure 3.21.1 Transfer of Undergraduate Courses, Credit, Associate Degrees and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum;
Operating Instruction Student Fee Referendum; and
Higher Learning Commission Federal Compliance Overview