Policy 4.07


Emergency Student Contact


Part 1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to guide staff regarding contacting students for personal emergencies.

Part 2. Definitions

Personal Emergency: An extreme crisis such as a death in the family, an injury requiring hospitalization, or an emergency contact from childcare facilities, etc.

Part 3. Policy

Minneapolis College will attempt to notify an enrolled student in the event of a personal emergency. On campus requests and telephone calls should be referred to the Dean of Students at 612-659-6712 or becky.nordin@minneapolis.edu. After-hours and Saturday contacts may be directed to Public Safety at 612-659-6910. The name of the person requesting the notification, the telephone number, their relationship to the student, and the nature of the emergency must be provided.

An attempt will be made by the College to deliver a message to the student. Due to scheduling issues and student attendance, the College cannot guarantee that the student will be notified of the emergency.

In accordance with data privacy, the location of the student and/or the student's class schedule will not be provided to the requesting person. The requesting person can be notified that the message was not delivered, but they may not be provided any information about the student's class attendance.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Student Affairs

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date): N/A

Date of Last Reviewed: 2/29/2023 (Limited Review)

History and Subject of Revisions: 2/29/2023 (Limited Review), 7/31/2020

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law):  N/A