Policy 4.05


Course Enrollment


Part 1. Purpose

Enrollment in a course is established when students has attended a course for which they registered. Students may enroll in a course via the web or in the Student Services Center.

Part 2. Definitions

Enrollment: Enrollment at the College is established when the student has registered online or when students request registration assistance from the college.

Prerequisite: A course that MUST be satisfactorily completed before the start of another course or program. A prerequisite can pertain to another class, instructor approval, a placement test, or another possibility as approved by the appropriate authority.

Late Registration: The registration period after the published add/drop period on the course pages of the term schedule up to the maximum of five business days for full-term courses and a prorated amount for short-term courses. 

Part 3. Enrollment Options

A student can register for a maximum of 19 semester credits per term without obtaining permission from the Registrar. Permission to exceed this limit will be granted if the student has a cumulative GPA of 2.75 GPA and accumulated 20 or more credits; or if a student transfers in a 3.0 or higher GPA with an accumulation of 20 credits, or if other documentation or circumstances justify an exception.

Part 4. Prerequisite(s)

A student must satisfactorily complete any prerequisite(s) listed for a course prior to the first day of the course. If a course has a prerequisite(s), they are listed in the term schedule and the College catalog.

The College reserves the right to remove a student who does not meet prerequisites for a class or program and to cancel the student's enrollment for the class or program without a refund.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Student Affairs

Date of Adoption: Original adoption date not currently documented.

Date of Implementation (if different from adoption date): N/A

Date Last Amended: 5/20/2021 (Comprehensive)

History and Subject of Revisions: 5/20/2021 (Comprehensive review, updates to definitions, structure of policy, and for clarity), 4/26/2001 (general updates)

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law): Minnesota State Board Policy 3.1 Student Rights & Responsibilities, Minnesota State Board Policy 3.36 Academic Programs, Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.36.1 Academic Programs