Policy 4.02


Assessment Testing and College Readiness


Minneapolis Community and Technical College is dedicated to supporting student success. As part of that commitment, Minneapolis Community and Technical College adheres to the Minnesota State policy to assess the reading, writing and mathematical skills of new entering students in an attempt to match current skills with the Minneapolis College curriculum.

Part 1. Incoming Student Assessment

Subpart A.

Minneapolis College shall require all students to complete incoming student assessment that includes measures of reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics on system-endorsed tests, except as provided in Subpart D. The incoming student assessment shall not be used to make college admissions decisions. Placements received as a result of assessment testing are mandatory.

Subpart B.

Students with documented disabilities shall be tested with system-endorsed, adaptive tests through the Disability Services Office with necessary accommodations provided.

Subpart C.

Minneapolis College shall provide a two-step appeals process for students.

Subpart D. Exemptions

Students who have indicated on their admissions application that they are not seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate do not need to take the assessment tests unless they register for: (1) classes in ESL, English, reading, or math; or (2) classes requiring a prerequisite based on scores/placements received during assessment testing. Information regarding prerequisites can be found in the course listing section of the semester schedule. (NOTE: Students indicating that they are not seeking a degree, diploma or certificate are not eligible for financial aid.)

Students with college-level coursework in English composition or mathematics shall have documented credits evaluated to determine exemption status.

Students providing documentation of at least 15 semester credits with an overall G.P.A. of 2.0 or above will be evaluated for exemption from reading

Students may transfer assessment scores to Minneapolis College from other post-secondary institutions provided that they have been taken on the system-endorsed placement instrument within three calendar years, inclusive of the current calendar year, with the provision that mathematics scores are valid for only two calendar years, inclusive of the current calendar year.

Part 2. Minimum Standards for Access to General Education Courses

Subpart A.

Minneapolis College shall adhere to Minnesota State guidelines for placement into college level courses in reading, English and math.

Subpart B.

Students placing below college-level coursework shall be placed into developmental coursework or ESL coursework as indicated.

Subpart C.

Minneapolis College instructors shall evaluate students' progress through curriculum and determine their next sequenced placement.

Part 3. Developmental Education

Students placing into developmental education or ESL curriculum shall be provided coursework that will prepare them for entry into college-level courses or technical/occupational programs.

Part 4. Annual Report on College Readiness

Minneapolis College shall annually report its assessment data, according to system-reporting procedures.

Part 5. Definitions

System-Endorsed Tests: The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities endorsed tests are Accuplacer and Accuplacer ESL.

General Education: courses in the college-level curriculum in college algebra, composition, and reading intensive arts and sciences courses, e.g., biology, western civilization. Specification of reading-intensive courses to which minimum reading standards apply will be determined by Academic Affairs.

College Level: courses number 1000 or above which count toward the credit requirements of a certificate, diploma, associate degree, or baccalaureate degree.

Developmental Education: courses numbered below 1000 intended for students who do not meet minimum assessment standards and which do not count toward a certificate, diploma, associate degree, or baccalaureate degree.

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 4/30/2008

Date and Subject of Revisions: