Policy 3.16


School-to-Work Transition


Part 1. Internships, On-the-Job Training, Clinical

Experience in the field is a mandatory component for some program majors and is optional for other majors. All students involved in an internship must complete an internship packet. It is the student's responsibility to know all program/department policies related to internships and clinicals.

Part 2. Apprenticeships

A number of pre-apprentice programs are available at Minneapolis College. If the student is considering becoming an apprentice, these programs may serve as a stepping-stone to an apprenticeship and usually fulfill some of the apprenticeship course requirements.

The College supports and encourages these apprenticeship experiences.

Part 3. Tech Prep

The College will partner with the Minneapolis Special School District 1, and other districts to support and implement Tech Prep programs. Minneapolis College will be actively involved in creating pathways and articulation agreements that provide access to students from Tech Prep programs.

Date of Adoption: 7/1/1999

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 12/16/2008

Date and Subject of Revisions: