Policy 3.11


Participation in Course Activities


Part 1. Non-registered Individuals in the Classroom

Only currently registered students of a course may attend course lectures or labs, participate in activities, or use classroom or lab equipment or materials. Students are not allowed to bring children, parents, or other non-registered parties to class.

This policy does not apply to guest speakers or other guest educators that have been approved by the instructor as part of the course.

Part 2. Instructor's Rights

Subpart A. Disruptive Student

An instructor may dismiss for the remainder of the class period a student who is disrupting course activities. An instructor may not expel a student for more than one class period for each disruptive incident.

Subpart B. Judicial Affairs Office

An instructor must notify the judicial affairs officer when a student's disruptive activity warrants further action.

Date of Adoption: 3/31/2005

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 4/21/2009

Date and Subject of Revisions: