Policy 1.06


Minneapolis College Grants Administration


Part 1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to assign responsibilities for administering Minneapolis College’s grant solicitation and proposal development activities and to establish the authorization process for the submission of grant application proposals to external funders. Grant proposals are developed and submitted on the College’s behalf to assist the College in meeting its financial needs more quickly and fully than can be accomplished through State allocations and procedures.

The College will maintain guidelines for the suitability of grant proposals.

Part 2. Definitions

Grant: Any award of external funds (including money, property, or both) given to the College by external foundations, corporations, governments, small businesses, and/or individuals. “Government grants” refers to all federal, state, and local sources.

Grants Accounting Office: The Grants Accounting Office is part of the College’s Business Office. It maintains fiscal oversight for all externally funded non-scholarship projects. The Grants Accounting Office will provide regular budget reports of each active grant to the project manager or designee.

Grants Management Workgroup:  A College workgroup, the Grants Management Workgroup, serves as the internal advisory group for reviewing all proposals before submission to the President’s Council. This workgroup is facilitated by the Director of Institutional Advancement and Minneapolis College Foundation.

Project Manager: Lead manager/principal investigator for discrete, externally funded projects with responsibility for proposal monitoring management and compliance expectations in concert with Project Sponsor, Grants Accounting Office, and Grants Management Workgroup.

Project Sponsor: Executive administrator for discrete grant projects.

Part 3. Responsibilities

College Advancement:

The Office of College Advancement is responsible for the development strategy and its implementation at the College. Unless given an exception by the College’s President, grant proposals should be submitted to this area of the College for review.

The Office of College Advancement oversees the institution’s grant calendar.


Governed by its Board of Directors, the Foundation supports Minneapolis College’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan. The Foundation helps secure the financial resources needed for scholarships and other development programs in consultation with the College’s President’s Council each year. The Foundation is one of the primary arms of College Advancement.

The Office of College Advancement will determine which Foundation grant proposals need to come before the Grants Management Workgroup.  

Part 4. College Review of Grant Proposals

Grants Management Workgroup

Guided by the Director of Institutional Advancement and Minneapolis College Foundation, the Grants Management Workgroup will review all grant proposals on behalf of the College.

Grants submitted on behalf of the College must be reviewed before submission to ensure they are consistent with the strategic priorities of the College, adequately fund the grant programs being proposed, and are not in direct competition with other proposals being requested by another division at the College of this or other funders.

See College Procedure 1.06.01 for further details regarding the required review and approval for grant proposals.

Owner(s) Title: Vice President of Finance and Operations

Date of Adoption: 8/14/2003

Date of Implementation (if different from adoption date): N/A

Date Last Amended: 4/22/2024 (Limited Review) 

History and Subject of Revisions: 4/22/2024 (Limited Review), 3/17/2022  (Revision of grant application and approval process, splitting procedures into an associated procedure, updated relevant definitions), 12/24/2008

Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law): Minnesota State Board Policy 7.7 Gifts and Grants Acceptance; Minnesota State Board Procedure 7.7.1 Gifts and Grants Acceptance Reporting Form; Minnesota Statute 136F.46, Non-profit Foundation Payroll Deductions; Minnesota Statute 136F.80, Grants, Gifts, Bequests, Devises, and Endowments; Minnesota Statute 136F.81, Transfer of Gifts