Policy 1.06

Minneapolis College Grants Administration

Part Part 1. Purpose

This policy assigns responsibilities for administering college procedures for grant solicitation and development, and for authorizing the submission of grant application proposals to external funders. Grant proposals are developed and submitted to:

  • Assist the college in meeting its needs more quickly and fully than can be accomplished through state allocations and procedures.
  • Provide opportunities to pilot programs before formal implementation.

The college's mission, vision and stated priorities should serve as the guidelines for determining the suitability of any proposal.
All external funding sources and proposals will also be reviewed initially for:

  • Eligibility
  • Quality
  • Priority
  • Compliance
  • Appropriateness

Projected and Future Costs (funded and unfunded)

Part 2. Definitions

Executive Director of College Advancement

Chief development officer with comprehensive, college-wide responsibilities for overseeing the grant processes.


Any award of external funds (including money, property, or both) given to the College by foundations, corporations, governments, small businesses and/or individuals.

Grants Accounting Office

Maintains fiscal oversight for all externally funded projects. The Grants Accounting Office will provide monthly reports of the fiscal standing of each active grant to the budget manager approved for the President's Council.

Grants Team

Staff representatives from College Advancement and Grants Accounting Office.

Project Director

Lead manager for discrete, externally funded projects with responsibility for proposal monitoring management and compliance expectations in concert with Project Executive and Grants Team.

Project Executive

Executive administrator for discrete grant projects.

Part 3. Responsibility

Subpart A. Pre-Award Requirements

All College grant proposals and requests to solicit funds over $5,000 must be brought to President's Council by the grant initiator and/or grant initiator's supervisor for approval at least one month prior to the grant deadline.

The grant initiator will submit:

  • The Grant Proposal and Funding Request Form.
  • A one-page grant summary and a one-page grant budget summary for the President's Council to review.

No funding solicitations over $5,000 will be made on behalf of the College without prior approval of the President's Council.

Grant proposals under $5,000 will be approved by the grant initiator's academic dean or equivalent. For grants under $5,000, the same process will be used with the exception that review and approval will be by the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Director of College Advancement.

The Executive Director of College Advancement will review proposal and verify that all procedures and grant requirements have been met prior to submission. An annual report summarizing College grants will be submitted by College Advancement to the Office of the Chancellor.

Step by Step: Grant Process for Grant Development

  1. Receive approval of grant viability from immediate supervisor.
  2. Submit Grant Proposal Planning Form and Budget to the President's Council one month prior to the deadline for grant's submission.
  3. Once the Grant Proposal has been approved by President's Council, the appropriate Supervisor will assign an individual to serve as the Project Director and Project Executive and list those names on the approval form.
  4. The Project Director is to complete and submit the grant application. Assistance from Grants Team is available if needed.
  5. Final approval and grant signature must be completed five days prior to the deadline.
  6. When the final outcome of the grant proposal has been received, notification must be submitted to President's Council and the Grants Team.

All grant funding will be routed through the Minneapolis College Foundation unless the grant criteria specifically states otherwise. Typically, state, federal and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities grants will not be recorded through the Minneapolis College Foundation unless stated or required otherwise.

Subpart B. Post-Award Requirements

After receipt of the award notification, the Grants Team will conduct a "startup" session with the Project Director and Project Executive to review all applicable policies, procedures and responsibilities. The Human Resources Director will also provide participants with guidance and training relative to any personnel covered under the grant award.

The Executive Director of College Advancement will review and coordinate with the appropriate offices the approval and signing of inter-governmental and inter-institutional grant-related agreements resulting from external grant awards.

  • For all private grants, the Minneapolis College Foundation will incur a 10% administrative fee; and
  • For all federal grants, the currently approved indirect cost rate is 31.2%
  • Other grants will incur an administrative/indirect cost rate of 10%
  • Federal TRIO and federal Perkins indirect cost rate is currently approved at 5%

The Project Director, in conjunction with the Project Executive and Grants Accounting Office, will oversee the monitoring of externally funded projects, including review of budgets, personnel charged to the grants, reporting requirements, project and budget revisions, grant continuation or extension requests, and to ensure procurement procedures are followed.

The Grants Accounting Officer will periodically review expenditures and cash management reports for each grant. Copies of all such reviews will be distributed to the College CFO and the Project Director.

All required program reports will be completed by the Project Director and reviewed by the Grants Accounting Office Team before submission to the granting authority. The Grants Accounting Office will have fiscal oversight responsibility for externally funded projects. All fiscal reports shall originate from that office and that office shall maintain the official fiscal files.

The Grants Accounting Office will house the official files for all grant awards, including copies of funder's regulations, signed Grant Proposal Planning Forms, approved applications, award notifications, project amendments, accounting, budget, evaluation and final audit reports.

The Project Director, in concert with the Grants Accounting Office, will oversee the closeout of each grant at the end of its funding cycle which shall include a final report submitted to the Grants Team and shall include outcomes of the grant compared to stated goals, and whether grant-funded personnel or non-personnel costs have either ceased or are being funded as previously approved by the President's Council in the Grant Proposal and Funding Request Form.​

Date of Adoption: 8/14/2003

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 12/24/2008

Date and Subject of Revisions: