Policy 1.05


Proposals and Solicitations for Gifts and Grants


Part 1. Definitions

Proposals and Applications: Any formal, printed funding request prepared for and transmitted to a prospective donor or grantor on behalf of Minneapolis College.
Solicitations: Any informal request for funding from a prospective donor or grantor on behalf of Minneapolis College.

Part 2. Purpose

This policy assigns authority and responsibility for all proposals and solicitations made on behalf of Minneapolis College.

Part 3. Authorization and Responsibility

No funding solicitations will be made on behalf of the college without prior approval from the Executive Director of College Advancement. During the grant proposal planning procedure, the following signatures shall be obtained:

  1. The Grant Initiator,
  2. The Grant Initiator's Supervisor,
  3. Appropriate Associate or Senior Vice President,
  4. Grants Accounting Office. The President or Executive Director of College Advancement of Minneapolis College shall sign-off on the final grant proposal. The college's Chief Financial Officer or CFO Designee shall also review all such proposals.‚Äč

Date of Adoption: 8/14/2003

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 8/14/2003

Date and Subject of Revisions: