Policy 1.01

Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation

Part 1. Purpose

This policy sets forth the process for origination of new policies and procedures and revision of existing policies and procedures of Minneapolis College. Policy and procedure proposals and revisions need to occur collaboratively on a predetermined cycle to ensure transparency in college governance.​

Part 2. Definitions

These definitions are used in all policies, procedures and operating instructions.

Subpart A. Policy

Policies are written statements that govern institutional decisions or actions. College policies comply with existing external mandates and promote consistency of action. College policies generally impact the entire institution. 

Subpart B. Procedure

Procedures are written statements of specific processes necessary to implement policy. This policy does not refer to department-specific work rules or practices. 

Subpart C. Operating Instructions 

Operating instructions means instructions approved by the President, President’s Council or a designee giving explicit direction, instructions or guidance on internal forms, processes and other administrative or managerial matters, consistent with Minneapolis College policies and procedures. 

Subpart D. Policy Change

A Policy change means adoption of a new policy or amendment or repeal of an existing policy. 

Subpart E. Procedure Change

A Procedure change means adoption of a new procedure or amendment or repeal of an existing procedure. 

Subpart F. Operating Instructions Change

Changes to operating instructions are changed and approved by the content expert and do not require a formal review process. 

Subpart G. Owner

A policy, procedure or operating instructions owner is an Minneapolis College employee, usually a President’s Council member, who has ultimate responsibility for the updating of policies, procedures and operating instructions. 

Subpart H. Content Expert

A content expert is an Minneapolis College employee, student, Minnesota State System Office staff or others who can advise on policy, procedure or operating instructions content based on knowledge or expertise on a topic. The content expert may also be an owner. 

Subpart I. Stakeholders 

Stakeholders are Minneapolis College employees, studen​ts, Minnesota State System Office staff or others who may interact with and have a vested interest in a policy, procedure or operating instructions.

Part 3. Responsibility

Minneapolis College employees and students are responsible for following the policies, procedures and operating instructions. Any employee or student may request a revision of a policy or may initiate a new policy. The policy will be approved or not approved using the procedure (Procedure 1.01.01).

Part 4. Numbering Format

Minneapolis College policies and procedures shall follow the same formatting system as used for Minnesota State policies and procedures. Within the policy or procedure, content should follow the format below:

  • Parts (numbered) and Subparts (lettered) for significant content distinctions.
  • Within Parts and Subpart, items may be further separated by using numbers or bullets.

Part 5. Required Elements and Standards

  1. The header of the policy or procedure shall include the policy or procedure:
    • Number
    • Name
    • Owner
    • Content Expert
    • Stakeholders
    • Effective Date
    • Next Review Date
    • Regulatory Authority (e.g. Minnesota State policy, federal or state law) and url if one exists
  2. The body of the policy shall include:
    • Purpose
    • Definitions
  3. The body of a procedure shall include:
    • Process steps
  4. The body of the policy or procedure may include:
    • Background
  5. The footer of the policy or procedure shall include dates relevant to policy history, including:
    • Date adopted
    • Date implemented (if different from adoption date)
    • Date last amended
    • Date and subject of revisions

Part 6. Revisions Format

Revisions shall use legislative format for changes - i.e., strikethrough for deletions and underlining for additions.

Part 7. Approval Process

The need for a new policy or procedure may arise at any time, and any employee or student may bring forth a proposal. In addition, all existing policies and procedures shall require review on an established schedule to determine whether they should be continued, revised, or rescinded. The process for policy and procedure development, approval, and dissemination is outlined in Procedure 1.01.01.

Part 8. Emergency Policies

The President (or designee) may temporarily suspend, modify or implement necessary policies or procedures due to long-term emergencies as defined by Minnesota State Board Policy 1A.10 (Long-Term Emergency Management).

Date of Adoption: 7/1/2017

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 4/20/2020

Date and Subject of Revisions: Additions for long-term emergencies