Bridging the Equity Gap


Our Commitment

At Minneapolis College, we believe eliminating equity gaps in educational outcomes is an essential path forward to a more equitable and just community for all of us.

Over the next 5 years, we are committed to eliminating equity gaps in educational outcomes while at the same time, improving individual student outcomes from initial college exploration to enrollment, retention, graduation, and life beyond our doors as our graduates move into meaningful
employment or continue their education at other institutions.

Bridging the Equity Gap

Bridging the Equity Gap, a cohort learning initiative, was designed to reach, educate and cultivate future male leaders who identify as Black, African American and American Indian. A comprehensive academic, leadership-learning community, this cohort equips students with tools to see greatness in themselves as well as in the experiences of others.

Students in the program receive academic support and coaching, cohort-based learning, peer reinforcement, mentoring and financial assistance including:

  • Information, backing and interventions needed to attain their education, achieve their career goals and become leaders in their fields
  • Academic support and coaching
  • Supportive faculty, staff and student-centered services and resources
  • On-campus cohort activities, meals, retreats, service-learning opportunities
  • Cohort-based learning, peer reinforcement and mentoring
  • Financial assistance

Endowment Goal

$2 Million

Amount outstanding:



Amount raised to date:



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3 students

Bridging the Equity Gap leverages existing Minneapolis College infrastructure and programs such
as the African American Education Empowerment Program, the American Indian Success Program, Power of YOU, the College’s Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Institute, the Community Healing Collaborative, Career Services and others. It serves students who wish to earn a certificate, degree or a diploma from Minneapolis College.

Whether a student’s goal is to master trade skills or to improve their chances of entering and excelling at a four-year college, this effort will develop the whole person providing them the leadership competencies and cultural fluency essential for
the 21st century.

Program Costs

The cost of this program is just under $4,000/year per student. Your gift to this initiative creates equal access to education while the endowment ensures the program is fully funded for students now and in the future. Our goal is to enroll up to 25 students in the 2021-22 cohort and up to 50 students each year after that.

“Over the next five years, we aspire to raise two million dollars to fund Bridging the Equity Gap. Your generosity and commitment to this effort will determine student success and the impact our graduates have in our community now and for years to come.”
- Beverly Wadsworth,
Director of Institutional Advancement and
the Minneapolis College Foundation

“Bridging the Equity Gap Scholarships support student success through personal, cultural and professional engagement. This approach plans to demonstrate a positive impact on student retention
and graduation and a deeper sense of connection to the College.”
- Patrick Troup,
Vice President of Student Affairs

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through scholarships and initiatives that support students, enhance the readiness of our workforce
and support the strategic priorities of the College.

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