Virtual Fitness Challenge

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Over the summer of 2020 the Student Life team at Minneapolis College was tasked with  identifying a way to keep students, staff and faculty engaged in their fitness and wellness practices in a new and exciting virtual format. With the campus Weight Room closed, Drew Rongere, Campus Recreation and Wellness Coordinator, hatched the idea for the Virtual Fitness Challenge.

“Being at home, not having access to gyms, people are forced to do a variety of different workouts. It’s fun to see everyone’s posts and get inspired to try something new,” said Rongere. “We really want to help people set wellness goals. People are able to get the support and accountability they need from everyone else in the challenge.”

“I get inspired by my team members' achievements and creative workout routines,” said Carolyn Durgin, a student who has been active in the Fitness Challenge from the start. “I feel good about myself when I fit a workout into the day, but even better when I can post it to the Fitness Challenge page where I am not only acknowledged, but I earn points toward cool prizes as well!”

Using the Microsoft Teams app, students, staff and faculty can join the growing number of campus community members that are participating in the Fitness Challenge. Participants simply post a summary or picture of their workout after it is completed, and they will be awarded a point. For every 15 points a participant earns, they will earn a prize. Rongere updates the Fitness Challenge Leaderboard weekly, which can be accessed on the Student Life Website.

"Like most other Minneapolis College students, I was disappointed to head into this academic year without the collaboration and relationship aspect of in-person classes, clubs and activities. However, I was super excited to discover that I could participate in virtual events,” Durgin said. “The Fitness Challenge was an obvious choice for me since I place a lot of value on wellness and being outdoors. The Fitness Challenge is a space where we can share our individual milestones in exchange for motivating levels of positive collaboration."

Campus community members can access the Fitness Challenge Microsoft Teams webpage  to get started on their fitness journey’s today.

Community members are also invited to be on the look-out for other upcoming Student Life events that adhere to social distancing guidelines, including a cross-country skiing trip planned for Friday, January 22. Anyone interested in participating can contact Drew Rongere for more details. 

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